Chilima is walking alone as Mwenifumbo ditches him

By Staff Reporter

It appears that the raging political whirlwind sweeping across the UTM camp will leave party president Saulos Chilima isolated and lonely.

Not long ago Chilima lost his trusted members of the media to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) following a fallout emanating from unpaid allowances. At the time of ditching UTM the cheerleaders told the world that Chilima is one of the manipulative and ungrateful leaders they have seen.

If the loss of Chilima’s cheerleaders like Aubi Fickson, Cleo Manyamba, Stain Malikebu, John Cupstone and others whose job was to cover Chilima’s flaws and defend his endless scandals was seen as the devastating blow to Chilima and the UTM, the resignation of party spokesperson Frank Mwenefumbo feels like the beginning of the end of the once promising party.


On Tuesday, Mwenefumbo announced that he has resigned from his position of spokesperson of UTM and has since renounced his membership for the party.

In his resignation letter circulating on social media, Mwenifumbo said he should have announced his resignation earlier but his timing of quitting coincided with the illness of the Second Lady Mary Chilima (the spouse to Soulos Chilima).

“On 13 October, 2022, I called on the Party President, RT. Hon.Dr.Saulos Klaus Chilima, at his private office in area 43 to tender my resignation from Party membership. I explained to the President my reasons for my resignation, and he graciously accepted it’’

Mwenifumbo did not disclose the reasons for ditching Chilima but he said he wants to concentrate on his business and farming and he does not have any aspirations to join any other political party now or in the near future.

“I intend to live a private life and concentrate on my business and farming at the village. I also do not, at the moment, intend to join any political party or participate in any political activity”

Chilima must be a lonely man now as Mwenefumbo was the only party steward who was beside him during his recent political scandals and he defended him nevertheless.

Tumpale, as he is popularly known, was surely his last man standing.