Chilima’s delegated travels to Tanzania a subject of discussion

By Vincent Gunde

The Ministry of Information and Digitalization confirmed an announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it has pleased President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to delegate his Vice Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima to represent him at the 60th Anniversary of the union-Day of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dar es Salaam on Friday, 26th April, 2024.

In the statement, the Ministry says on 21st June, 2022 President Chakwera withdrew all delegated duties from the Vice President as Minister responsible for Public Sector Reforms to allow for an independent court processes regarding his corruption case in the Judiciary without any political interference from the ministerial office.

Chakwera and Chilima

However, the delegated responsibility to Chilima has been a subject of discussion in social media platforms recalling that Chilima’s passport is being held by President Chakwera and today, he has given him back his travel document.

Many questions are being asked without answers that with Chilima’s delegated responsibility to Tanzania, is his corruption case over and after flying back home, is President Chakwera going to order Chilima to bring back the travel document to be under his custody?

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo says if he was Chilima or Chilima’s advisor, he cannot fly to Tanzania to represent President Chakwera observing that President Chakwera is afraid of being asked questions of the Tanzanians involvement in building a dock on Lake Malawi.

Kalindo said delegating Chilima to fly to Tanzania is a deliberate plan for Malawians not to label Chakwera  a global trotter amid austerity measures claiming that in some days to come, President Chakwera will fly to the United States of America (USA).

He said President Chakwera owes Malawians an explanation on why this time since June, 2022 he has thought of delegating Chilima to represent him when the same is answering court cases of his alleged involvement to have benefited from Zuneth Sattar’s corruption basket fund.

“President Chakwera has to speak the truth on how come he is sending Chilima who is a suspect in corruption case in Malawi and passport being kept in his house, is this not flouting his bail conditions?” questions Kalindo.

On a sad note, Kalindo has advised Area 30 police and State House not to include his family members questioning them about his activities in Malawi assuring them that he fears not the police but Malawians that are sending him to speak justice to the MCP led government.

He said Malawi is his country, he cannot run away to any other country apart from his country advising the police not to waste time and energy hunting for him for arrests challenging them that whistle blowing can make him to hand himself to them and leave his brother-Phillip alone.

The activist has claimed that he has close sources at the State House, Capital Hill and Area 30 claiming that these are patriotic Malawians standing with nothing but justice saying no matter what he can be threaten, he will not stop speaking for poor Malawians.