Cosmetic school owner rakes in K600,000 monthly profit

By Chisomo Phiri

A Lilongwe-based business woman Clara Gondwe says she is making a profit of K600, 000 every month from her  cosmetic school which she opened in December, 2023.

Cosmetic school is a school that offers courses on the application of beauty treatments such as hairstyling, nail styling, cosmetics, skincare and non-permanent or permanent hair removal.

In an interview with our journalist Chisomo Phiri,Clara, 47, said the school called Brows and Lashes Beauty School is situated in Lilongwe’s Area 18A along Ntchisi Road.

“I obtained my diploma in cosmetology here in Malawi, worked for 2 years in Malawi and thereafter, I travelled to United Arab Emirates in  2014 and worked there for 10 years.

“While in the United Arab Emirates,I realised there was alot we need to polish up in Malawi.I then thought of opening my own school that I should teach what I learnt from overseas. If one graduates from Brows and Lashes Beauty School, she/he will be able to work anywhere else around the world without meeting challenges.”

She said on top of the cosmetic school, she also runs a beauty parlour which she opened in 2023 as well.

“Our clients come on appointments as well as walk-ins. We also do home services.”

Asked on what challenges she meet in her business,Clara said:”I meet alot of challenges in terms of beauty and hair products.They are very expensive here in Malawi hence people do not want to pay to meet our expenses.

“If you want more clients as a salon owner, you need to reduce the price and work at a loss.”

Asked to comment on how she sees business in Malawi, Clara explained:”There is much we need to work on. For example, we need to work 7 days a week even on sundays.And closing time should change. We must be closing abit late considering working class people. Alot of businesses in Malawi do not open on Sundays and working hours  are also less. Let us try as Malawians to work till late.”

Asked on what government should do to uplift businesses in the country, Clara stated:” Our government should be linient on business owners in terms of loans. If we want to register to Teveta, that should also be linient. We want to work hand in hand with the government. Promote us by giving young girls and boys loans so that they can be able to register in our schools. It is now high time government should promote beauty schools and realise cosmetology as a marketable career.”

Clara Gondwe