Court adjourns Chizuma case till February 8

By Dean Chisambo

Chief Resident Magistrate court Madalitso Nkhoswe has today adjourned Chizuma’s case to February 8, 2023.

According to Nkhoswe, the adjournment is because the accused Chizuma was not present in court.

Defense lawyer Powell Nkhutabasa claimed that Chizuma is currently in Blantyre where she is prosecuting Karim Batatawala and other accused persons who are answering corruption charges.


He however, asked the court to move her appearance to next week Thursday and Friday.

He also requested that the state should serve the defense with disclosure of the case.

But the state has said the disclosure will be served on Tuesday next week.

On his part Senior state prosecutor Levinson Mangani has told the court that the notice of summoning Chizuma to appear before court was served on her but she was complaining about the short notice but the state took it for consideration to change the date to Friday which is today.

Mangani added that it is worrisome that the accused person (Chizuma) is not present in court.

Chizuma is answering charges concerning a leaked audio where she disclosed the secrecy of her office with an unknown person.