Diaspora influence on Malawi football – Meet Kasungu’s TN Stars

The role the diaspora can play in the development of Malawi remains diverse. As football continues to be a popular sport that still needs support if Malawi The Flames are to win any major trophies in future, here is one man who has stopped talking but gone into action by establishing a football club.

Dr Thomas Nyirenda is the owner of the Super League outfit TN Stars of Kasungu, one of the fastest growing football clubs in the country.. “Out of my passion to give young boys a chance to kick a ball, enjoy life, build healthy bodies, keep out trouble and try their lack of chasing a dream of being a superstar was born this TN Stars FC Academy. This is my commitment: to play my part in giving the youth a chance at soccer” he said

TN Stars

TN Stars is not just any other simple football club. While it might be regarded as a small club, the team boosts of success stories that includes;

-Qualifying into Super League in 2018

-Producing National team Coach Meke Mwase, who was managing the club prior to his move .

-Social responsibility by signing charter with wildlife conservation society to protect animals in Kasungu National Park

-Employment of at least 30 young players and support to 40 juniors

-Super League has boosted income at Kasungu businesses and municipal via Stadium gate revenues.

-Cementing an alliance with a retired coach of Stuttgart in Germany who comes 30 days annually to work with the team. He is funded by German government’s senior expert program to low middle income countries.

-Two young players called and played in Malawi Under 20 in 2018

– Top striker Stein Davie moving to Silver Strikers and Young Laurent who has been in Capetown program moving to Civo in 2020 respectively

TN Stars owner Dr Thomas Nyirenda

Dr Nyirenda describes football as his passion outside Medical and Public Health Service .The club owner has an encouraging words to fellow Malawians in the diaspora to get involved in football development back home “ Firstly , Sports is a science which evolves everyday. To be competitive we have to help in elevating how sports is done scientifically from youth development, diet, psychology , physical and socially “said Nyirenda.

He went on to say the diaspora need to come together to raise funds required to elevate the sports. In Super league , currently 7 out of the 16 teams don’t get government funding , and this creates uneven playing field . In order to build a strong national team , we need all the 16 teams to be strong argued Nyirenda.