Diaspora MCP welcomes Uladi Mussa, Mcheka, Munlo joining the party

By Susan Kamanga

The members of Malawi Congress Party in the diaspora have positively reacted to the new developments in the party back home, as MCP has seen itself welcoming Former DPP Vice President Uladi Mussa, Former Deputy Speaker and DPP Legislator Esther Mcheka Chilenje and Malawi First leader Redson Munlo to the party in the last few days.

Speaking to 247Malawi Media, Chairperson of Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN) Chalo Mvula said the joining in of these political big name highlights that MCP as a party remains attractive and that people understand that the party has a good vision for Malawi.

Uladi being welcomed in MCP

On Monday, President Chakwera welcomed Uladi Mussa at a rally in Dowa

Commenting further on this ,Mvula said the open door policy of the party means everyone is welcome to join the party. ” MCP is the epitome of democratic values,as such every Malawian is free to join the party” Mvula Said

Mvula went further to say that DPP has over the past three years shown that they have no tangible plan for Malawi except having appetite to get back in power so that they can continue to loot the government coffers.

“DPP has been exposed, firstly that it has failed it’s role to provide effective opposition in the country, secondly that it is only a family party that has no respect for democracy as seen in the way it has expelled some of its members and thirdly, most DPP members are now starting to open their eyes and realising that President Chakwera is the right leader for the country ” added Mvula

In his speech, while being welcomed In MCP Uladi Mussa promised towork extra harder in order to build a stronger MCP.
Mussa said his agenda is to ensure Chakwera win his second term bid.