Dr. Jane Ansah’s Political Bid Garners Support Amidst Fond Memories of Electoral Conduct

By Twink Jones Gadama

As Malawians reflect on the past, the name of Dr. Jane Ansah continues to resonate for her exemplary conduct during the tripartite elections.

Known for her professionalism, Dr. Ansah has now set her sights on a new endeavor, vying for a parliamentary seat in Ntcheu District under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ticket.

Ready for Active Politics Jane Ansah

The former Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission has made waves with her decision to enter the political arena, drawing considerable support from grassroots levels.

Reports indicate a groundswell of backing for Dr. Ansah as she embarks on this new chapter in her career.

In an exclusive interview, a trusted source close to Dr. Jane Ansah confirmed her intentions, stating, “Yes, she will contest and we are behind her,” while opting to remain anonymous.

Despite efforts to reach out to Dr. Ansah for official confirmation or clarification on these reports, she has remained unreachable, adding an element of intrigue to her political aspirations.

Following the court-sanctioned tripartite elections in 2020, Dr. Jane Ansah took a sabbatical leave in the United Kingdom.

Recent sightings of her adorned in traditional Ngoni regalia, addressing crowds with messages of hope and change, have captured the attention of many.

As Dr. Ansah navigates this new phase in her career, memories of her past electoral conduct continue to shape public opinion.

With her decision to contest on a DPP ticket, she stands at the threshold of a potentially transformative journey in Ntcheu District, supported by a wave of nostalgia for her past achievements and professionalism.