European Union assures President Chakwera on resumption of Direct budget support

By Linda Kwanjana

A high-level delegation from the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday met Malawi president Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

The meeting aimed at fostering deeper collaboration between Malawi and Europe and discussed critical matters encompassing regional security, economic cooperation, and shared developmental initiatives.

The EU stressed resumption of direct budgetary support to Malawi following critical economic reforms which the country has undertaken.

The interface also served as a pivotal platform for diplomatic dialogue, emphasizing the multifaceted bond between Malawi and the European Union.

President Chakwera, in his address, emphasized the enduring commitment of Malawi towards fortifying relations with the European Parliament, citing the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling global challenges and promoting collective prosperity.

Highlighting the delegation’s acknowledgment of Malawi’s steadfastness as a reliable partner, the leader of the delegation of the EU Committee Hon. David McAllister, expressed admiration for the country’s support for the international agenda.

He particularly lauded Malawi’s pivotal role in regional and national security matters, affirming the crucial support rendered during critical junctures.

Acknowledging the EU’s role as one of Malawi’s significant partners, President Chakwera honored the delegation’s visit, attributing the evolving and strengthening relations to shared values.

He commended Europe’s exemplary model of regional integration, considering it a learning opportunity for African nations striving for similar progress.

Expressing gratitude for the EU’s consistent support across diverse sectors, ranging from governance and health to education and disaster relief, President Chakwera specifically highlighted the solidarity extended during challenging times, such as cyclones and other disasters.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmation of commitment from both sides, signifying a shared determination to continue collaborative endeavors.