Everything set for Tambala Night in Derby as MCP diaspora UK wing gears up for the elections 

By Durell Namasani

After the success of the Tambala Night that was held in the city of Birmingham last year, The Opposition Malawi congress Party  (MCP) Diaspora Wing UK chapter are back and this time they have announced that another Tambala Night is in the offing and will be held in the British city of Derby.

Speaking to our reporter , the Spokesperson  for MCP diaspora Wing Chalo Mvula confirmed the news  and highlighted that this will probably be the biggest Tambala Night ever , the wing has done in the UK “ We are leaving no stone unturned , the constitutional court has given us opportunity to have fresh presidential elections  and our focus is to have Dr Lazarus Chakwera be the next president. To make that possible we have to mobilise enough resources and Tamabal Nights are usually one of the resource mobilisation events for our party” said Mvula

MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera with Diaspora Spokesman Chalo Mvula

The Tambala Night has been scheduled to take place on Saturday April 25 at Polish Centre in the city of Derby. Tickets for the event which are going at £20 a ticket are already on sale “ the event is in April , we want to give people enough time to prepare. The tickets are already on sale and the response has been overwhelming  and i would encourage people to secure their tickets now so that they don’t miss out” added Mvula

It is expected that the event will feature some well known Malawian Singers,DJs and other performers , of which the list will be unveiled soon. MCP diaspora Wing has been at the forefront of engaging Malawians who are living  in diaspora to be active politically. It works hand in hand with the party in Malawi. The Wing has several chapters in USA, Canada, Ireland and South Africa and operates under the name Malawi Congress Party Diaspora network. 

Mvula also reiterated that the aime of the event is to fundraise enough money  so that the party should be able to provide enough election monitors , an area which  created a loophole for DPP to rig the last election. He urged people in the UK or in Diaspora to buy the tickets even if they will not attend the event as part of fundraising for the party.  Those interested to get the tickets can contact the Wing through its facebook page