Financial challenges hindering government in employing more teachers- Wirima

By Dean Chisambo

Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has said financial challenges are hindering the government to employ more teachers and increase the number of classrooms in primary schools in this country.

Kamtukule made the remarks on Thursday in Lilongwe during the Joint Sector Review (JSR). She said although the government is having challenges to employ the teachers , it will not stop training teachers because it is its responsibility to enhance human capital development.

The Minister said this is something her Ministry is looking into, knowing that the Ministry is aligned to aspirations with Malawi 2063 vision where human capital development is a key. “We know that a teacher is also pivotal to this and they are very important, we value them and we know we need them but we are talking about issues of finances. So it’s an issue of need, these are what we can actually have in the basket” said Wirima.

Kamtukule lamented that they can have a long lasting solution to the challenges and gaps affecting the education sector through working hand in hand with different stakeholders and the development partners.

She added that population growth has also affected the sector. There is competition of resources than back in the days where population was significantly low which resulted in government to absorb teachers automatically after finishing their studies from respective training colleges.

She said “back in the days we were four million Malawians and now we are taking ninteen Million. You test the fact that there was no competing of resources back in the days but now competition of resources are very high.”

On her remarks, team leader social sector European delegation Michele Crimella said there is a clear improvement for the sector saying it’s encouraging for the measures which the ministry is putting in place which is going in right direction.

He said ” what is important is that the ministry is identifying right priorities when it comes to emphasizing strengthening support to learning,as these are good areas for the administration to continue investing.”

The Joint Sector Review meeting (JSR) was held under theme:” Transforming Education: Investing in foundational learning and skills development for a wealthy, self – reliant and resilient nation” and brought together development partners, stakeholders and Civil Society organisations (CSO’S) who are in the business of education.