Floods hit Lilongwe city

Heavy rains which have been pouring from new year till today have swept away some bridges and houses rendering people homeless.

A bridge connecting Mgona and Roberts in Kanengo has been swept away while another bridging Mgona and Ngomani is also gone as are all bridges across Nankhaka river.

Another bridge across Mchesi river connecting Kawale and the township named after the river has been extensively damaged.

The rains have also destroyed houses at Chipasula, Mgona, Senti and Area 25 leaving occupants helpless.

Department of Disaster Management (Dodma) on Thursday appealed to Lilongwe residents living in flush floods prone areas to leave following reports that more heavy rains are expected Malawi.

Dodma deputy director of disaster and response, Dyce Nkhoma visited Mgona where the department reached out to the affected households.

“We just heard about the reports that some houses have been damaged. As government we came to give first assistance such as food to alleviate suffering and we are now waiting for the assessment report,” he said.

It is not the first time that Mgona is experiencing floods as the situation was the same last year.

Heavy rains causing damage in Lilongwe

Nkhoma said discussions are underway to ensure people move out of the area.

“We are appealing to the media to sensitise the community so that citizens are not blocking the drainage system,” he said.

In his remarks Lilongwe City Center constituency parliamentarian Alfred Jiya commended government for the assistance.

Disaster has struck Lilongwe City Center as heavy rains destroyed an estimated 100 houses leaving occupants homeless.

Continuous rains caused havoc from around 6 pm on new year’s eve in the city.

The flush floods were aggrevated by an unfinished road drainage in Area 25 while in Senti and Mgona, Nankhaka river burst its banks.

On Wednesday Mchesi river also burst its banks causing floods along Chidzanja road and all the way to Chipasula

SOURCE: Kulinji