Girl power as more girls write JC exams according to Education Ministry

By Mphatso Nkuonera,

The Ministry of Education is thrilled to announce that girls have emerged as the dominant force in this year’s Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) exams. With a higher number of girls compared to boys in the candidature of 176,341, there has been a remarkable 10.24% increase from the previous year.

This achievement showcases the dedication and determination of young women in pursuing their education and attaining success.

During the JCE exam closure, the Deputy Minister of Education, Honourable Nancy Chaola Mdooko, MP emphasized the importance of elective subjects like French and Woodwork, highlighting that they introduce students to new fields and career choices, contributing to skills development.

Despite challenges involving unpaid fees by unprofessional teachers, the Ministry swiftly resolved these issues, ensuring that all affected candidates had the opportunity to sit for the exams.

The Ministry celebrates the empowerment of girls and recognizes their significant contributions to the academic landscape.

This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the resilience and potential of girls in Malawi, and it sets a promising precedent for a future where gender equality in education is fostered and celebrated.