Government develops road map for the promised one million jobs

Written by  Moses Nyirenda

Government, through the Ministry of Labour, has developed a road map to fulfill its promise of creating one million (1, 000, 000) jobs for the country’s citizens, especially the youth.

Speaking on Monday during a press briefing in Lilongwe, Minister of Lobour, Kenny Kandodo, said the road map is to ensure the vision of creating the jobs turns into reality.

“As government, the road map that we have put together will ensure that our vision to create one million jobs has turned into reality.

“Through the road map, we will follow important steps for the one million jobs creation,” said the minister.

Minister of Labour, Kenny Kandodo

“The steps include; consultations with key stakeholders, public and private sectors, formal and informal sectors as well as financial institutions and regulatory bodies.

“This will leverage on the potential strategies that can create one million jobs in one year,” said Kandodo.

The minister further said government has developed a data-collection tool which has been sent out to prospective public and private employers to enable them form a baseline and projections of job prospects in the country.

Kandodo also said after concluding consultations, data collection and analysis, they will develop a concept for implementation strategy for the one million jobs.

Kandodo, who also served in late Bingu Wa Mutharika’s administration as Finance Minister, explained that once the strategy is launched, centres will be developed where job seekers can easily access information from employers on the vacancies available.

“After launching the strategy, we will develop modern and fully equipped job centres across the country starting with Blantyre and Lilongwe.

“The centres will replace the current labour offices and be situated in busy commercial centres for easy reach by the general public.

“Through the job centres, job seekers will be able to access information from employers as well as register so that employers will be able to match skills with available jobs,” he said.

According to Kandodo, the Tonse Alliance Government will ensure the one-million-jobs-creation initiative creates more sustainable jobs that will improve the livelihoods of many people in the country.

The Tonse Alliance relentlessly told the country during campaign that it would create one million jobs within a year once voted into power.

The nine-party strong alliance also pledged, among other promises, to create a K70 billion fund for women and the youth to access loans to start or strengthen their businesses