Government embarks on labour export to Israel as first cohort arrives in Tel Aviv safely

By Vincent Gunde

Government has finally come out in the open proving the allegation levelled by Leader of Opposition in Parliament Rt. Hon. Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa right that it has embarked on the export of labour to various countries, including Israel.

Tensions were ensued in Parliament after Dr. Nankhumwa made the allegation demanding clarification from Government of the 221 youth who have been granted an opportunity to work in Israel and was asked to withdraw the allegation which he refused to do so.

Nankhumwa was asked by the Speaker of Parliament to bring to the house evidence given up to Monday, 27th November, 2023, but in a statement signed by the Secretary for Labour Wezi Kayira, has proved Nankhumwa’s allegations right.

In a statement, Government says the labour export program is an initiative of the Government in collaboration with the private sector to fulfill the MCP led Tonse Alliance administration’s commitment in job creation and youth empowerment as championed by President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

The statement says there are several sectors under consideration and the first cohort is for the Agricultural sector assuring Malawians that the identified youth will work on farms and will not be involved in any other activity.

It says the safety and security of the youth is paramount and on the Israeli labour export, the youth will work at certified and approved locations which are classified as fit and safe environment with medical insurance and repatriation arrangements in place.

Arriving in Israel

“The program will benefit both individuals and the nation, a portion of wages will cover living in Israel while the remainder will be remitted to personal accounts here in Malawi to boost foreign exchange, all labour exports are guided by Malawi Government’s Labour Export Program and Harmonized Labour Export Guidelines of 2022,” reads the statement in part.

Political activist Hon. Bon Elias Kalindo says President Chakwera will be answerable to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for taking sons and daughters from Malawi to Israel which is at war with Hamas and Palestinians.

Kalindo has accused the government for failing to create a conducive environment of creating jobs but depending on Israel to create jobs for Malawians describing this as “Trade-Slave” claiming that the Malawi youth are not going to work in farms but to war as Israel has already lost 3000 soldiers.

He said he finds it strange to see countries like Britain, Germany, France, USA and South Africa sending planes to airlift their citizens trapped with the war in Israel back home for safety and Malawi is sending 221 youth to work in farms.

“It is sad that the whole of MCP led Government is banking on boosting foreign exchange from wages of the youth gone to Israel,” said Kalindo

Also making commentary on the issue ,MCP secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka writing on his Facebook page said There was a lot being said about the labour export deal. Much out of misinformation or outright disinformation.

“The current crop that has gone will work on hi-tech Israeli farms. Thus direct, medium to long term benefits will be knowledge transfer.”

“Besides the knowledge transfer, these people will be getting at least $1,500 a month and this will be sent to their accounts here in Malawi (in $) as per agreement. For 5.000 youths (there is a possibility the figure might go up to 10,000) that’s no less than $90, 000, 000 ($180,000,000 if 10,000 are sent) direct dollar injection into the economy annually for five years” wrote Mkaka

It is reported that the first cohort that travelled has arrived safely in Israel