Gwamba to host ‘the best of Gwamba’ concert in September as part of 15th anniversary

By Dean Chisambo

Malawian gospel talented artist Gwamba has said he will host the concert called ” The Best of Gwamba Concert” in September as part and parcel of celebrating his fithteen years in music industry .

Gwamba announced news about the concert during a press briefing in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

Gwamba said the concert signifies his musical journey from the day when he released his first big song called ” Ndikira” in 2009. As part of celebration , he has branded the concert as “The best of Gwamba Concert”

Gwamba – music industry is growing day by day

The Rapper described that they have two international artists who will be in attendance to spice up concert. During the briefing he let loose one name, that of South African talented Amapiyano artist ” Focalistic”

He further mentioned that he has released a song called ” Mukadalitsa” which was produced by DJ Make and the video was produced by Hendrix of Mature films and it will premier this week on Thursday at 8am. The song is featured by Praise Umali and Kwambiri Sisters.

Making a comment of the current state of Malawi Music, Gwamba said ,” The Malawi music industry is different from other countries even from our neighbors Tanzania and Zambia we are very much behind, but still there is growth.You see now an artist can have one million viewers in two days that is growth”

Gwamba started his music industry with circular music in 2009 before venturing into gospel music in 2020. Among his gospel songs released are Bola kusache, Hello Mr Yesu and others.