Haiya warns football administrators against playing double standards

By Burnett Munthali

Football Association of Malawi(FAM) President, Fleetwood Haiya, has warned districts and regional football administrators against playing double standards to frustrate the ‘transforming the game’ agenda which his administration is implementing.

According to Haiya, many football clubs now utilise ‘wearable smart technology’ during both training and games in order to acquire and analyse players’ data, which in turn can be examined by experts to understand the players’ strengths and weaknesses,all of which means the data can be invaluable.


He says the tactics reflect the importance of planning for matches.

“Tactics create a playing system that links a team’s formation to a particular style of play (such as attacking or counter attacking, slow or quick tempo, short or long passing, teamwork or individualistic play).

“With the first legal forward pass completed in 1906, the football really began to change.

“It was still clunky at nearly 1 pound, but players could keep a better grip on it and throw it around the field with improved accuracy.

“The more time you spend with your football, the better you will become. Practicing football drills, tutorials, and playing in games will get you on the right track to improving your skills. You should also work on conditioning, cone dribbling, passing, trapping, and understanding your position to be the best player,” says the FAM President.