He acts like Paul but behaves as Saul: The tale of Norman Chisale

By Linda Kwanjana

To think that during his time as Malawi’s State President, Peter Mutharika was surrounded by dishonest and vengeful people who don’t forgive gives me the impression that we were lost as a country.

The trending story which has dominated conversations on Tuesday 7th November is that of Norman Chisale, former security aide of President Mutharika.

Appearing on Zodiac television’s Exclusive Interview, Chisale did not only lie and swear a number of times while holding the bible, he also made some dangerous utterances that gave the impression that given the chance he can end someone’s life without any remorse.

Norman Chisale

At the back of so many criminal offenses he is being accused of, Chisale made little efforts to dismiss those rumours, instead he was adamant that he did not commit any of the crimes. He, however, made some careless self incriminating statements which do not rule out that he was the masterminder of the crimes in question.

Those who know the post State House Chisale, would mistake him with the latter- day Paul for walking around with a Bible yet his deeds are that of Saul.

In any case, Chisale is conflictual. Why would a man believed to be a devout christian say that he doesnt forgive those who hurt him? Which God does he worship?

He explicitly said himself that he will never forgive Steve Kayuni [former Director of Public Prosecution] for denying him an opportunity to draw some money from his frozen bank account meant for his children’s school fees. He alleged that after sometime, Kayuni asked for Chisale’s forgiveness but swearing on his Bible that he will never forgive him.

He said: “I swear in the name of this bible that I will never forgive you. I repeat, I will never forgive you. I ask you ,don’t try to contact me ever again.”

Chisale went on threatening the police officers who handled his strings of arrests for allegedly persecuting him for political reasons. He said the police officers who victimised him will pay dearly some day for what they did.

The most disturbing of all is that Chisale had the courage to lie on camera while holding the Bible. When he was asked about his age, he said he is 42. A thing which has caused an uproar on social media. Of course, this is too good to be true. Chisale is too old for that age. No wonder, some people had to fish out his passport which shows that he was born in 1975 which means he is 48 years old not 42. Again, this sounds untrue and some people are alleging that his real age is 53 which sounds closer to his real age.

Chisale has revealed his true nature. He is vengeful, resentful and dishonest he is not the transformed Saul, he is still Saul, not Paul.