Joshua Chisa Mbere reflects on the end of SKC’s mourning period

By Burnett Munthali

On July 1st, Josua Chisa Mbere took to his Facebook page to mark the conclusion of the official mourning period for SKC (Saulos Klaus Chilima) and reflect on recent events surrounding accusations and mourning.

In his heartfelt post, Mbere acknowledges the pain and grief that accompanied the mourning period for SKC. He expresses relief that, despite the ongoing pain, the period of official mourning has ended, allowing for a more assertive response to what he describes as rude and opportunistic behavior.

Chisa Mbele

Reflecting on the accusations and insults directed towards President Lazarus Chakwera following SKC’s passing, Mbere condemns the allegations of Chakwera’s involvement in the accident that claimed SKC’s life. He passionately defends Chakwera, stating that the insults and accusations were unwarranted and fueled by malicious intent.

Mbere goes on to emphasize that any violent tendencies associated with past regimes should not be attributed to the present generation. He firmly asserts that such behavior is neither genetic nor hereditary, and that those responsible are no longer alive.

Drawing on personal experience, Mbere recalls a past incident where he faced physical violence and danger, yet chose forgiveness and reconciliation when the perpetrator apologized. He encourages others to embrace resilience through understanding, acceptance of apologies, and forging reconciliation rather than living in bitterness.

Regarding recent events, Mbere unequivocally states his belief that the plane crash involving SKC was an accident, absolving President Chakwera of any involvement. He asserts that Chakwera himself is deeply affected by the tragedy, understanding the background circumstances more intimately than many critics.

In conclusion, Mbere thanks fellow Malawians for their support but also laments the pervasive negativity and propensity to spread misinformation and insults. Despite this, he extends a blessing to all.

The post serves as a poignant reflection on recent events, highlighting themes of forgiveness, resilience, and the importance of truth amidst adversity. Mbere’s words offer a call for unity and understanding in the face of tragedy and controversy, urging a collective move away from hate towards healing and reconciliation in Malawi.