Jumah applauds Bon Kalindo for being   a true activist

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, has thanked and encouraged activist Bon Elias Kalindo for being a true activist while others, were bought by the MCP led Tonse Alliance government.

Jumah has reminded Bon Kalindo that there was one, John Chilembwe, he stood firmly for his blood to be swallowed by the whites in the colonial government saying he is walking in the footsteps of Chilembwe for his blood to be swallowed by those working hard for Malawi to go back to a one-party state and dictatorship.

Kalindo, encouraged to be true activisit

He said Bon Kalindo has been a darling of all police cells and prisons more than what Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo suffered in the hands of the DPP speaking for itself that the MCP government has a hidden agenda of silencing all activists in Malawi with money.

Speaking through his face book page widely followed by millions of Malawians and Africans on the continent, Jumah has advised Kalindo not to surrender the activism he is suffering for assuring him that millions of Malawians including MRP is supporting him.

“There was one John Chilembwe, there is one Bon Kalindo, we will support you for Malawi to be liberated out of the hands of people that have made democracy dead,” said Jumah.

He has thanked the court for exercising justice on Kalindo and not compromised as many Malawians have been labelling the court urging it to continue doing a good job to stand with justice so that those who are working hard to derail justice are defeated.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Lilongwe Magistrate Court to give support to activist Bon Kalindo as he was appearing before the court to hear his two bail applications on two charges; audio clips to threaten security of the country and possession of a gun, the offence he committed in 2021.

Bon Kalindo has made history in Malawi for being granting two bail bonds in one day, one for audio charges in the morning and possession of a gun in the afternoon and speaking to a handful of people, Kalindo asked those that were praying for his bail not to be worried even if the bail application will be rejected.

After the court granted Kalindo bail, he joined a group that was singing a popular Chichewa song” a Kalindo akubwera, tiyende pang’onopang’ono,” meaning that Kalindo is coming, let’s walk slow by slow” to the vehicle which picked him out from the court premises.