Jumah urges Malawians to look for moral leaders

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, has urged Malawians to look for moral leaders and moral government to address moral decay the country is sailing through.

Jumah said today, Malawians are engaged in physical fighting in the church and worse still young toddlers are being caught stealing fresh maize in gardens asking Malawians where the country is going and what is the root cause of all this?

Bantu Saunders Jumah

He said he was deeply touched to see a young boy being treated in an inhumanly manner as if he was an insane person wondering that with hunger devastating the country the way some Malawians are treating their fellows is very bad and need condemnations.

Speaking through his face book page followed by millions of people in Malawi and Africa, Jumah has thanked Prophet Shephered Bushiri for rescuing the young man who was caught stealing maize in Salima and was treated like an animal.

Jumah has expressed fears with escalation of violence in Malawi recalling that a boy in Mulanje had two of his arms amputated after being press-ganged by a police officer observing that for 5 times social media reports had indicated that people that are being caught stealing maize are being punished through mob justice.

He has appealed to all Malawians to stop this character of taking the laws on their hands advising them that if the police are not helping, they should find other means either going to the chiefs and village leaders other than imposing in humanly punishments on the suspects.

The MRP President said Malawi is a God-fearing nation lamenting that it has now become a nation without laws saying people are borrowing a leaf from the MCP led Tonse Alliance government for not respecting the country’s laws.

He has noted with a great concern that many Malawians are angry with what the MCP led government has done inflicting to them untold sufferings advising them not to pour their anger on fellow Malawians in one Malawi, one nation.

“Chaining a thief behind the car, this is not the way to live but inhumanly manner which all must stand up to condemn this act,” said Jumah.

He said for Malawians to show anger with the MCP led government, they should register in their large number to prove to the electoral body that they are in anger so that moral decay to be dealt with in a country which has moral leaders and government.

Jumah has warn Malawians that without addressing moral leaders and government, the country would continue to be reckless and lawlessness urging Malawians to vote for moral leaders in 2025 to replace the MCP government’s moral decay.