Jumbe demands three investigation bodies for Chilima’s mysterious death

By Vincent Gunde

President of Chilungamo Party Comrade Alhaji Imraan Jumbe, says the plane crash that claimed the life of Vice President Dr. Saulosi Chilima is a national tragedy that demands a rigorous and transparent investigations by establishing three separate investigative bodies.

Alhaji Jumbe says Government’s commitment to funding these investigations is a crucial step in the upholding the principles of justice and transparency observing that providing the necessary resources to uncover the truth, will ensure that such a tragedy never occurs again in the country.

Comrade Alhaji Imraan Jumbe,

He has expressed fears that by relying solely on Government-led investigation, there will be potential political biases or conflicts of interest and establishing three separate investigation bodies will ensure that a more balanced and impartial approach will be there to uncover the truth.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Alhaji Jumbe says when Malawians see multiple independent investigations bodies taking place, their confidence in the process will increase unlike one established by the government alone.

Alhaji Jumbe says three separate investigative bodies should be established to provide comprehensive insights and prevent potential biases saying this will ensure that Malawians have full confidence in the findings.

He has proposed for an independent investigation fully funded and championed by the Government saying this body should include international aviation experts, legal professionals and representatives from the Civil society saying this initiative remains free from any political influence or interference.

The President says the family of the late Vice President Dr. Chilima should have the right to appoint their own independent investigative team from abroad to bring an unbiased, external perspective to the investigation and ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

He says the UTM -the party led by Dr. Chilima should establish its own investigative team to be comprised of experts chosen by the party and this must be funded by Government to support the initiative of transparent investigations.

“Each investigative body will bring its own unique expertise and viewpoint, ensuring that all potential factors contributing to the plane crash are thoroughly examined,” reads Alhaji Jumbe’s writings on the wall.