Kalindo claims money on the table to destroy DPP

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo, has allegedly claimed that the MCP led government has put in place money amounting to MK1 billion to journalists and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to write and hold press conferences for the DPP not bouncing back into government.

Kalindo said at Times television, two programmes “Pagwanji” and “Times Talk” have been targeted with risks of being put off air, to be anchored by new faces to replace Brian Banda and to fire all behind these programme’s producers.

Bon Kalindo Malawi
Bon Kalindo

He said some CSOs have already started holding press conferences speaking against the opposition particularly, the DPP so that Malawians be made to believe that MCP is good and that they should vote for President Chakwera to bounce back into government in 2025.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said Lhomwe belt chiefs have been targeted to spread the good news of the MCP so that no one vote for opposition UDF DPP and AFORD.

Kalindo said chiefs in the Lhomwe belt districts will be shared with money, government to build their houses, some to be given cows so that they form part of enticing voters not to vote for opposition parties main target being the DPP which enjoys massive support in the Lhomwe belt region.

He said 46 brand new vehicles are in Karonga which will be distributed to MCPs District Chairmen with MK5 million cash to be gong round preaching bad against opposition parties particularly the DPP whose leader is believed to have many supporters rallying behind him to bounce back into government in 2025.

“Journalists who writes bad articles against opposition parties are the ones needed to work with the MCP, and will be part of the beneficiaries to benefit from money on the table,” said Kalindo.

He has challenged journalists and CSOs working with the MCP to destroy opposition parties that they will not succeed claiming that Malawians already made their intelligent decisions not to give votes to President Chakwera in 2025.

The activist has assured journalists and CSOs who will be in the forefront campaigning for the MCP because of money that Malawians of today, are well informed people and can make their intelligent decisions on who to vote for and not to be forced to vote for President Chakwera.