Kalindo says gone are days when Malawians could live in fear

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo, says gone are the days when Malawians could live in fear in their own country as refugees saying it is sad hearing media reports that government and senior Malawi Defense Force (MDF) officers are hunting for Gregory Gondwe’s life.

Kalindo has claimed that Gregory Gondwe’s only sin he has committed to the MCP led Tonse Alliance government is exposing the dubious deal involving government and MDF on the sale of armored vehicles to International Armored Group (IAG), a company linked to Zuneth Sattar.

Bon Kalindo

He said being the President, Minister, Principal Secretary, Army Commander and Inspector General of Police is not a passport to be threatening journalists who are doing their noble work in Malawi by making sure that all the hidden agendas are coming to the open.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said Malawi of today needs courageous journalists like Gregory Gondwe and Mercy Matonga claiming that journalists of today, are praising team members of political parties.

Kalindo said some journalists have forgotten their noble profession, they are being used by politicians to write good things for them so that the electorate trust them to bounce back into Parliament in 2025 describing this development as nonsense.

He said journalists who cover the bad with the good are not wanted in Malawi claiming that many journalists in Malawi are afraid of telling President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera the truth that Malawians have lost confidence and trust in him.

The activist said President Chakwera has failed in all of his HI-5 Agendas observing that instead of fighting corruption, he is condoning corruption through the same Sattar who has destroyed the country by corrupting politicians in favour of government contracts and tenders.

He has warned government that if Gregory Gondwe is arrested as per its demand and that of the MDF, Malawians will not sit down and watch, but mobilizing one another to go into the streets protesting in defense of the Republican Constitution.

“This is not the time of threatening Malawians with arrests, try to arrest him, Malawians will be in the streets holding demonstrations against you,” said Kalindo.

He has advised President Chakwera that his Ministers are deceiving him with large crowds attending to his rallies across the country for him to be made to believe that they are rallying behind him saying the truth of the matter is that patriotic Malawians are not ready to vote for him as their President anymore.

On age limit Bill of a presidential candidate, Kalindo has advised all Members of Parliament (MPs) both of government and opposition that Malawians are mobilizing each other and are coming to close their house run by their hard-earned taxes.