Kamatcheni kazombo touts Saulos Chilima as man of his promises

By Chalo Mvula

The Member of parliament for  Kasungu West Madalitso Kazombo has told people in the district that Vice President  Dr Saulos Chilima , who is also running mate in the Tonse alliance is a man of his promises. Kazombo was speaking at mega rally that Tonse alliance leaders  conducted at Ntchalachala stadium in the district.

 Kazombo who is popularly known as Kamatcheni  described the works  that Chilima did when he was heading civil service reforms  as outstanding . Chilima promised to bring reforms and he went for it before being frustrated  by the people within the DPP regime . Kazombo who is also deputy speaker of parliament reminded the people that he was not speaking at the rally in his role as deputy speaker  but as “Kamatcheni “as they know him. Remarks which earned him a lot of ululation and whistling from the thousands of people who came to attend the rally


Kamatcheni went on to remind people that Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Chilima is the dream ticket  that will take care of the many of the problems that people in the villages face.  He cited farmers for examples who he said work hard in the fields only to see  their efforts being bought at minimum prices “ This is Kasungu , we have tobacco farmers who work hard in the field , but when they go to auction floors , all they see is their tobacco being bought in cents”  highlighted Kazombo

Kamatcheni also spoke of the many problems people in the district face and blamed the DPP government and their predecessors UDF  for not doing enough to  bring any meaningful development in the area. He spoke of the many families that cannot afford to pay school fees for their children  when they reach higher education. The state of the roads in the district was another issue in the district as majority of the roads are of poor quality with examples like chamama road, Shayona and Chulu.

In regard to healthcare Kamatcheni said it is sad that Kasungu still has one main hospital that was built under Kamuzu. The affairs at the hospital are in sorry state with lack of beds forcing patients to sleep on the floor. The hospital also faces lack of drugs and other necessary facilities “ The population of Kasungu has been growing , when the first hospital was bullt we had less that 200 thousand  people and now the population is close to a million but we still have the same hospital”

Kamatcheni finished by describing how sad he is with the state of poor people in Malawi. He said poor people keep getting poor while the rich keeps getting richer. He said the levels of corruption in the country have left poor people destitute as they cannot afford to get services or things done as they don’t have money to bribe somebody for their needs. Kamatcheni however said , there is hope and excitement with the coming in of Tonse Alliance  and the leadership of Dr Chakwera and Chilima