Karonga North West Constituents urged to support MCP:

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

People of Karonga North West Constituency have been urged to rally behind Malawi Congress Party and vote for its candidate Daniel Chitonya in the forthcoming by-elections if the area is to have meaningful developments.

The remarks were made on Saturday afternoon when several party officials conducted party campaign rallies ahead of March 30, 2021 Parliamentary by-election in Karonga North West Constituency.

Speaking at Chinsebe and Baka, National Youth Director in the Malawi Congress Party who is also Minister of Homeland Security and a Member of Parliament for Dowa East, Honorable Richard Chimwendo Banda said time has come for the people of Karonga North West to enjoy developments and be beneficiaries of government policies and projects, saying for the past 26 years the constituency has suffered a lot due to politics of regionalism, a thing he described as a denial for their right to development as Malawians.

Hon Richard Chimwendo: Photo from Archives

Chimwendo while bemoaning the behaviour of other politicians who remove or destroy structures once they lose elections, described Daniel Chitonya as a mature and dedicated candidate who will serve his constituents well in and outside Parliament, for he has their welfare at heart. On dilapidated roads, unfinished school blocks and health facilities, Chimwendo Banda assured the constituents that the Chakwera led government will soon help them so that they too become beneficiaries of government policies and developments.

Chimwendo then thanked Abraham Mwakhwawa who contested on primaries for democratically accepting defeat and pledging his total support for Daniel Chitonya, saying this has shown how democracy and unity is growing within Malawi Congress Party.

Karonga North West Constituency fell vacant following the death of Honorable James Bond Kamwambi who succumbed to Covid-19 to become the second Member of Parliament from Karonga to succumb to the pandemic.

Over 49,000 registered voters are expected to cast their vote in the 35 centers of Karonga North West constituency which is among six constituencies and one ward where MEC is scheduled to conduct by-elections on March 30 this year.