Keturah accuses COSOMA of favoritism

By Staff Reporter

Afro-pop singer Keturah is accusing the Copyright Society of Malawi- COSOMA of favoring other artists in the distribution of royalties.

The artist, full name Keturah Milimo made the allegations on Sunday evening through her official Facebook page.

” COSOMA we have unfinished business. You will not favour those you want to favour. We work so hard for what we love and you’ll not downlook our efforts.

Upset with Cosoma: Keturah

Let other musicians bow but I’m going to voice out,” reads the Facebook post in part.

COSOMA through Arts SACCO, recently distributed over 400 million Kwacha to artists using the funds collected from Blank Media Levy among others.

Driemo, Kell Kay, Zeze and Eli Njuchi are among the artists that received huge amounts of money from the Society.