Land Information Management System to enhance transparency and accountability in land administration- Gumba

By Durell Namasani

Minister of Lands, Deus Gumba, has emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Ministry of Lands and the Malawi Police Service in implementing new land laws and the Land Information Management System (LIMS).

Gumba made the remarks today during a sensitization meeting for Central East Region Police Officers on the amended land laws and LIMS held at Linde Motel in Mponera, Dowa.

In his address, Gumba said police play a crucial role in ensuring the implementation of government policies and laws by maintaining peace and order.

He stressed on the need to orient officers on the new amendments and the introduction of the digital land management platform,  stating that the initiative will help in the implementation of the laws and the LIMS.

Hon Deus Gumba

The Minister said his Ministry will continue to engage police officers, as they are key stakeholders in the implementation exercise, particularly in the enforcement aspect.

Gumba also stated that the Land Information Management System is expected to enhance transparency and accountability in land administration by digitizing all data for easy access; noting that it aligns with the Land Reform Rollout Programme taking shape in the country.

Speaking earlier, Secretary for Lands in the Ministry of Lands,  Devie Chilonga, emphasized the significance of the engagement, which will provide an opportunity for the Ministry of Lands to update the police on the implementation of 2016 land laws and their amendments in 2022, as well as the Land Information Management System (LIMS) developed in line with the country’s Land Reform agenda.

In her remarks, Commissioner of Police for the Central East Region, Rhoda Manjolo said as police, they are committed to ensuring that land-related matters are handled by the law.