Lucius Banda repositions with Ukhale Wanga

Not to be left out, legendary musician Lucius Banda has been forced to reposition his music to keep in tune with the changing trends.

The artist said to ensure his survival in the game, he has had to adapt to the new forces and tastes on the market, a shift which has been reflected in his new single UkhaleWanga released last night on

Soldier Lucius Banda

The song, produced by urban music artist and producer Janta, is a combination of traditional beat with a bit of urban elements. 

“We cannot afford to ignore the effect that urban music has made on the local music landscape. To ensure my survival in music, it will require me to adapt to the changing trends. I have to lift my act too to stay in tune with the times,” Banda said in an interview.

But the Balaka-based artist was quick to point out that the refining of his brand will not translate to a change in his music philosophy. He said his fans will still enjoy his core style that has won him adoration throughout the years.

“There is just too much that Malawians are going through already so I had to be cautious with the content in my message. The energy in the song, I believe, will be a good distraction to everything that has been going on,” he said.

Janta said the gesture by Lucius is a recognition and endorsement that urban music is making huge strides in the country.

“For someone as big as him to make a decision to work with me is a big plus. On a personal level, I had the chance to learn from him owing to his huge experience in the industry,” he said.