Malawi Government’s Alleged Spectacular Reversal of Scrapped Contract with Sattar Prompts Outrage and Calls for Swift Restorative Action

By Twink Jones Gadama

In an astonishing turn of events, National Advocacy Platform (NAP) Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have mounted unyielding pressure upon the Malawi Government, summoning urgent action to halt the ongoing affair with the nefarious Zuneth Sattar, a man marred by corruption accusations. These staunch defenders of transparency and accountability demand an expeditious voidance of the deal for an astounding 16 fortified vehicles and an immediate reclamation of the initial payment, a mind-boggling USD 4,983,400 (surpassing a staggering K8 billion) paid out to the International Armoured Group.

Astutely responding to the shocking revelations that the Malawi Defence Force (MDF), acting under the government’s aegis, has resuscitated a previously terminated agreement for a fleet of military armored vehicles, the NAP has released a fervent statement registering their discontent. Naysayers may be disheartened to discover that this sale arrangement, once annihilated by the Attorney General on January 11, 2022, has been clandestinely resurrected with a company intimately aligned with the dubious Sattar, a titan of corruption-related allegations.

Zuneth Sattar

The platform, in a unanimous chorus, disquiets us all by raising grave concerns about the executive’s fidelity to transparent governance, unwavering accountability, and the sacred tenets of the rule of law. Notwithstanding the litany of legal infractions imperiling the foundations of justice, this surreptitious enterprise perpetuates the odious tendrils of corruption, grievously breaching the public’s trust and endangering our cherished national security.

The endeavor to slyly transfer military assets under this dubious pretext eerily portends an existential threat to the stability of our noble nation. The lamentable diversion of pecuniary resources only serves to illuminate the government’s cavalier disdain for fiscal responsibility, fostering a pernicious environment wherein the specter of corruption thrives unchecked, callously undermining ongoing countermeasures in the unrelenting battle against this malignant scourge.

Unnervingly, the government’s actions corrode the very fabric of public trust, casting a sinister pallor upon the integrity of esteemed institutions and unmistakably exposing their complicity in this flawed transaction that flagrantly violates multiple legal precepts. “The government’s blunders,” declaims NAP chairperson Benedicto Kondowe, “gravely erode the essence of public trust, dubiously entwining doubts in the tapestry of institutional probity and revealing their collusion in a deal that brazenly tramples upon the sanctity of statutory provisions.”

Beside their impassioned plea for the immediate suspension of this illicit agreement and the prompt reimbursement of squandered funds, the unyielding platform ardently insists upon a resolute commitment to unmask the depths of this betrayal of public trust through a scrupulously transparent investigation. Furthermore, the perpetrators, regardless of stature or position, must be deftly ushered into the tribunals of justice, for only then will the clarion message resound that perfidious acts against the public’s trust shall not go unpunished.

As the amalgamated might of this formidable platform comprising 15 fervent civil society groups indomitably stands united, it unequivocally vows to take swift and concerted actions should the government continue to derelictly abdicate its fiduciary duties to the tireless citizens of Malawi. Sublime and admirably steadfast, the NAP solemnly heralds a clarion call for uncompromising restoration, ensuring that the glorious embers of righteousness will not wane amidst the tempestuous winds of corruption.