Malawi tops Africa in mango production

By Chisomo Phiri

A 2024 study by the World Unfolds has ranked Malawi the highest mango producer in Africa and the seventh in the world.

According to the study, Malawi produces 1.7 million tons of mangoes every year during a season that runs from October to March.

The study indicates that Malawi is competing with countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil that form the top six highest mangoes producing countries.


Ministry of Trade and Industry spokesperson, Patrick Botha says at the moment, mangoes are exported in pulp form by one company and called upon the private sector to join the subsector.

“Let us join hands in promoting this Mango sector. Mangoes are very important and they can bring us a lot of forex,” says Botha.

Meanwhile, economist Edward Chilima says there is need for research and investment in technologies that can improve the quality of mangoes so that they can attract more markets.

Mangoes are fruits that have a range of possible health benefits.

The nutrients they contain may help boost eye, skin, and hair health and prevent cancer and heart disease.