Malawians living in Ireland raise funds to construct a house for a widow in Dowa

By Chisomo Phiri

Twenty five Malawians living in Ireland through their association called Association of Malawians in Ireland (AMAI) have raised €2,500 ( 4,673,725.70 Malawia Kwacha) to construct a two-bedroom house for a widow Florence Tsekani in Dowa District.

Tsekani who has seven children has no good house.

In an interview with 247 Malawi News, AMAI chairperson Henry Mkumbira Phiri said each one of the 25 was contributing an amount of € 100 which is 186,962.70 Malawi Kwacha.


“I am very excited that the funds have been raised. It is so exciting that Florence Tsekani together with her 7 kids will now be sleeping in a good house once the construction project is done.

“From the amount, we will also construct a kitchen, toilet and bathroom for Florence,”said Mkumbira.

He said the house construction project will start from July 1,2024 and end on August 15,2024.

Mkumbira then thanked those that made their contributions towards the project.

“I want to thank them. They have done a very great job. This is what we call team work,” he thanked.

The Association of Malawians in Ireland was formed in 2004 with an aim of promoting social, economic and cultural well-being of the Malawian Community in Ireland.