Activist calls Tonse administration to compensate Moto village in Mangochi

By Vincent Gunde

Karonga based rights activist Lytone Mangochi, has called upon President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to fulfill his promise made soon after he was elected into government in 2020 that he will compensate Moto village in Mangochi for MCP past atrocities.

Henry Masauko Chipembere was one of the first Ministers appointed into the cabinet of Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda in 1964 alongside with others, Kanyama Chiume, Orton Chirwa, Harry Bwanausi, Rose Chibambo, Journalist Mkwapatira Mhango and Atati Mpakati, among others.

President Chakwera when he visited Moto Village

After seeing Malawi’s independence on 6th July, 1964 in September, they all fled the country after reliable sources close to Kamuzu Banda informed them of their hangings on the claims that they conspired to overthrow the government of Kamuzu Banda.

Kamuzu Banda’s first bodyguard Martin Machipisa Munthali was arrested on the suspicion that he was behind leaking information to the run-away Ministers to the overseas countries including Britain and America.

In 1970 after staying in prison without being charged, Machipisa Munthali was brought before the Blantyre Magistrate court where the judge presiding over his case found him not guilty and immediately, he run out of the country.

The MCP led government of Kamuzu Banda re arrested Machipisa Munthali to Mikuyu prison in Zomba to rot and die there but with God’s love and care, he spent 27 years in jail and no wonder, he must be remembered as Malawi’s Nelson Mandela.

Moto village in Mangochi was the centre of attraction as it was the home of Henry Masauko Chipembere, the then Police Special Branch and Malawi Young Pioneers invaded this village taking all men into captivity, throwing them in Lake Malawi with others going to Zomba and did not come back home.

Speaking through a video clip from his home village Moto in Mangochi, , Lytone Mangochi has reminded President Chakwera to honor his promise made to the people of Moto  that he will build a house for Chief Moto and compensate the family for MCP past atrocities.

Mangochi said the promise was made while he was with the former Minister of National Unity Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo when he held a rally at Moto village to wipe out tears of children and grandchildren who are still in pain for not having seen the faces of their parents till this day.

He has expressed doubtful that Chakwera would fulfill the promise made and this has proved to Malawians that he is a liar claiming that he over promised Malawians, the promises have grown dust observing that Chakwera is not a president of his words.

“Chakwera is a President who cannot be trusted, the people of Moto village in Mangochi have labelled him a liar,” said Mangochi.