Maxwell Olotto releases new single

Written by  Blessings Kapina

A Lilongwe-based gospel musician, Maxwell Olotto has released a new single titled “Ndiyendereni Yahwe” in which he has featured a female musician, Barbra Nyangulu.

Olotto said on Tuesday that the single was talking about challenges and afflictions someone is going through in life as such he is praying to God to save him.

”In the song the person is calling upon God so that he may be delivered and rescued from all the problems,’’ Olotto said.

The Musician said that people face many hardships and insults from workplaces, church and relatives but in such situations one should keep on trusting God.

Singer Maxwel Olotto

He said that the song is focusing on an individual who cannot find a marriage partner and people are laughing at him and He is asking God to help him come out of this shame hence the title Ndiyendereni Yahwe.

Olotto added some people are mocked and humiliated because they are barren and impotent but in spite of those entire things one should believe in God who makes one conceive and give birth to children.

Part of the song, Ndiyendereni Yahwe, ndiyendereni Yesu, ndatopa ndizitozozi/ndiyendereni Yahwe ndiyendereni, Ndiyendereni Yesu ndatopa ndikunyozedwa/ moyo umatani , moyo ndiwozuza/ yehova ndimasulereni ine/ Ku ntchito kwanga , kumpingo wanga ndipange ichi akuti ndicholakwika/ anthu kuti ndi lozerana akuti ndi ine opepera / ziwonetsereni Yahwe adziwitseni zainu kuti ndinu mulungu wachifundo/ ndiyendereni yahwe/

The Musician is encouraging people to relay on God whenever they are passing through difficult times and storms of life.

‘’There is no one who can help us out of our painful and stressful situations apart from God therefore we should invite him in our lives,” he continued.

Olotto said that the song is meant to comfort and empower people so that when facing troubles in their various communities they should believe in God for help and victory.

Area 24 resident, Joseph Banda said that after listening to the song, he has been encouraged and blessed. He appreciates the production of the song. The song produced Steve Meleka at M Studios can be available by contacting the musician’s Airtel number 0999257725.

Ndiyendereni Yahwe is out both video and audio.