MCP Convention: Abida Mia gets endorsement for the Second Vice  President role

By Vincent Gunde

Social commentator Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo has pleaded with MCP delegates to the party’s elective conference to be held in August, 2024 to elect Mrs. Abida Sidik Mia for the position of second Vice President of the MCP.

Sunganimoyo has claimed that Abida Mia has the love of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) observing that her love dated back at the time she was with her husband, the late Mohammad Sidik Mia when the two became friends in need of the MCP.

Abida Mia

He said Abida and her husband Sidik Mia rescued the MCP from collapsing when they used all of their resources to support the party and rebuilding it in the southern and eastern regions saying without them, MCP could not have penetrated in the two political regions.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Sunganimoyo has claimed that there was no MCP in the southern region saying other people worked day and night to scrap off the MCP in the south, but with the Mia family, there the MCP has survived.

Sunganimoyo said he is fully aware that some people in the MCP are not happy with Abida Mia’s candidature as second vice president of the MCP advising MCP Convention delegates to elect people who have the welfare of MCP members at heart one, being Abida Mia.

He has observed that there are others who are vying for the position of second Vice President of the MCP advising the delegates to scrutinize each candidate before making their informed choice saying no one can compete with Abida Mia.

The social commentator said even President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera as a way of thanking the Mia family for the support they rendered to the party, he appointed the two into his cabinet heading different government portfolios.

“Abida Mia love everyone, she is a listening woman, if I was one of the voters, I would have gone for her name,” said Sunganimoyo.

He has expressed hope and trust that Convention delegates will choose the party to be dead in southern region or for it to live saying only one name, Abida Mia will revamp the MCP in the southern region and the rest to escort the MCP to an early grave in thye southern region.