MCP triumphs in Karonga

By Linda Kwanjana

Unofficial results in the local by-elections in Karonga indicate that the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has scooped all three seats in the district.

On Tuesday, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) conducted by-elections in Kaporo, Chilanga and Rukuru wards in the northern border district of Karonga.

But according to unofficial reports from Chilanga Ward, MCP candidate, Alick Ng’oma has 1,516 votes, seconded by UTM candidate, Ndaziona Mwausegha who has 1031 votes, Teddy Jailos Kishombe of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) 151 votes, Hastings Daniel Mwambafula of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) 486 votes, Talente Kalambo Mwantalula of Umodzi Party (UP) 33 votes,
Abraham Sahara Mwanyasi of the United Development Party 787 votes, while Hesco Mwashoghe (independent) 379 votes and Benedicto Mwamsamali Zuze (independent) 883 votes.

In Rukuru Ward, unofficial results indicate that Gift Kumbukani Mwale (MCP) has won with 5858 votes, seconded by
Dominic Robson Kamwambi (DPP) with 1332 votes,
Myness Mwalweni (AFORD) with 599 votes,
Paul Mwamande (independent) has 55 votes,  Vincent Mwenembako Mwamkonda 419 votes,  George Glad Mwausegha (UTM) 815 votes and Monica Kaira (UP) with 49 votes.

The same unconfirmed results from Kaporo Ward  indicate that King Ngayambimba Mvula (MCP) has won with 1661votes,  Charles Blessings Mwakabagha (NDP) with 806 votes,
Saidi Mwangwan (UTM) with 415 votes, Laston Mwenitete (DPP)  with 881 votes, Martin Khonya (AFORD) with 586 votes and Thimbiko Eddu Kaonga (independent) with 153 votes.

MEC is expected to announce official results today, Wednesday in the afternoon hours.

MCP Deputy regional chairman for north north who earlier predicted the same, Uchizi Mkandawire described the results as a true reflection of his party’s strength on the ground.

While waiting for official results, Mkandawire said his party preparing for the celebration.

“Many said MCP is dead in Karonga as well as the northern region, but the Karonga elections result has proved them wrong. I can assure you that 2025,  MCP will win with a landslide. Nobody wants to go back to the old regime,” he said.

DPP vice President for the north, Jappie Mhango was not picking up our calls.