MRP claims Tonse Government has no welfare of people in Malawi

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says the Tonse Alliance government has no welfare of the people at heart claiming that they are there in government for looting public resources, nepotism and corruption.

Jumah said the Tonse Alliance government is a government that all Malawians suffered to bring in the much- needed change in government saying Public Sector Reforms (PSR) Report was the roadmap to develop the country from 6o years of poverty.

He said the Tonse Alliance government has taken full 5 years term of office without any action after the Taskforce submitted the Public Sector Reforms Report saying this is speaking to itself that few people in Malawi are benefiting of luxurious lives while many are suffering and dying of hunger.

Speaking through his face book page to millions of Malawians and Africans following him in the continent, Jumah said the Taskforce made a recommendation to government to stop giving allowances to MPs and stop buying luxurious cars for Ministers and Principal Secretaries.

Jumah said it is sad that the MCP led Tonse Alliance government is busy appeasing those clapping hands for nonsense claiming that MPs gets their sitting allowances in advance without attending parliamentary deliberations or even getting themselves absent.

He said MPs are choosing a school of their choice for their children and hospitals to go when they are sick within or outside the country, government is paying for the bills a clear testimony that MCP government don’t care about the welfare of its citizens and the future of the country.

The MRP President said Malawians are looking for leadership that has truth so that they can find space to ask it account for transparency and accountability claiming that in June, 2020 Malawians elected leaders who have mentality of 60 years.

He said Malawi needs Revolutionary voices to take stop of what happened in 60 years, it needs 3rd Age to cross a river to bring in truth, justice, reconciliation, to restore state institutions, stop corruption, nepotism and state plunder of public resources.

“In the 1ST Age 1964-1993 state institutions and Government arms were strengthened, the economy was stable, Malawians were able to see direction of their country, in the 2nd Age, state institutions collapsed, some were sold without thinking of tomorrow,” said Jumah.

He said Malawians are desperate and need the 3rd River (Age) to cross so that the mistakes made in the 1st and 2nd Rivers must not cross to the 3rd River saying there is need for the country to focus on the building the foundation of the 3rd Age.

Jumah said for Malawi to cross to the 3RD River, it needs revolutionary minds of mindset change with new ideas for all to have the spirit of rebuilding their country observing that the country is rich, it is able to pay 69 percent of its people who are MPs, Ministers, Presidents with huge allowances and buying luxury cars for Ministers and Principal Secretaries.