Mutharika will stabilize economy-Clement Mwale

By Chisomo Phiri

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) General Secretary Clement Mwale says when the party’s President Professor Peter Mutharika takes the government again next year,he will stabilise the economy and things will come back to normal because he has capability to do so.

Mwale was speaking this during a political rally at Nguludi Ground in Chiradzulu on Monday.

He accused the current ruling Tonse Alliance administration of messing up the economy evidenced by the depreciation of the Malawi Kwacha and prevailing high cost of living.

Clement Mwale

“When Professor Peter Mutharika takes this government again, he will stabilise the economy and things will come back to normal.

“Prices of commodities will not be rising everyday, because we know that he has the capability to change the situation,” Mwale said.

On his part, Chiradzulu Central MP McTimes Malowa called on the party supporters to turn up in large number for voter registration so that they should take part in next year’s elections.

“We urge you to register in large numbers so that you participate in the voting process next year to elect Peter Mutharika as your President,” he said.

Some of the notable faces during the rally included Mary Navicha, Thomson Kamangila, Joseph Mwanamveka, Patrick Matola and Victor Musowa.

Mutharika was booted out of Government in the 2020 Fresh Presidential election.

He got 39.4% of the vote against President Lazarus Chakwera’s 58.6%.