‘Not well balanced’ Ken Zikhale critics Mid term budget

The Director of Strategy for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who is also the legislator for Nkhatabay South has torn to shreds the Mid budget that was delivered by the Minister of Finance in Parliament.

Taking his turn to review the budget, Zikhale gave thanks to the first Deputy Speaker before opening his account which argued that the budget delivered by the Minister was not well balanced.

“Basing on the current prevailing economic environment, the people of Nkhatabay South are of the opinion that the Minister of Finance has brought this time around a budget that is not well balanced” Zikhale argued.

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma.

He went on to say the proposed budget deducted is a bit higher than the normal, basing on the international standards which demand that the physical deficit should be 1.5 and we are at 3.9, which is as double as much.

The Chief Strategist, also went on argue that Malawi debt levels are already too high and it was not a sensible thing as a nation to be busy planning for a higher no budget deficit.

Zikhale gave an example of the expenditure allocation for Police.”If indeed Police is failing to utilize 50 billion in the six to eight months, being an allocation for the first half, how do you expect the same Police to consume an additional 13 billion Malawi Kwacha in only 85 days remaining?” questioned Zikhale.

He went on to accuse the DPP-led government of failure to collect revenues as projected in the first half of the year due to rampant political interferences and directives. He did not miss words but acknowledge that the Minsters could have done a good job but because of the rotten government system the DPP-led government adopted, it is positioning the Minister at an awkward position, making him incompetent.

Zikhale finished his review on a positive note by acknowledging that this Mid Year Budget Review has included very crucial matters of importance in this country which among them include ;The provision of fresh elections and The provision in support of Northern Region Water Board Projects in Nkhatabay South and other parts in the North; and the Two Secondary Schools in Nkhatabay South.