Nyale Institute calls for sexual reproductive health law review amidst the surge of unsafe abortions

By Mayamiko Phiri

Nyale Institute, a non – governmental organization whose aim is to advance sexual and reproductive health justice for for all has called on relevant authorities and other stakeholders to review sexual reproductive health law.

Nyale Institute Director Godfrey Kangaude made the sentiments when he was commenting on the revelations that 849 young women and girls were treated at post abortal clinic in Blantyre city alone this year.

Safe motherhood coordinator for Blantyre District health office (DHO) Ellida Bvutula revealed this during a stakeholders meeting in Blantyre recently.

Nyale Institute Director Godfrey Kangaude

Kangaude observed that while the public may focus on the decision to have an abortion by the women, there is a secret behind any decision by the woman to abort a pregnancy.

He further said that justice requires people to look at underlying issues behind girls and women who need abortion.

Kangaude emphasized that Nyale Institute does not under any circumstance promote or encourage abortion, but rather advocates for a legal and policy environment in which every person has the right to enjoy sexual and reproductive health, in accordance with the obligations of the government under national and international law.

He also disclosed that they are supporting a court case, whereby a 14-year-old girl is asking a question of whether she can access abortion legally if she is raped in regard to the section 19(1) (a) and 19(2) of the gender equality act.