Nyalon calls for collaborative efforts to end sexual harassment in work places

By Fostina Mkandawire

Minister of Labour, Agnes NyaLonje, has emphasised on the need for collaborative efforts to end sexual harassment in the work place if the country is to have productive citizens who will contribute to the economic development of the country.

NyaLonje made the call on Friday in Salima during a sensitisation meeting of Parliamentary Women Caucus on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention 190 on elimination of violence and harassment in the work place.

Agnes Nyalonje

According to NyaLonje, there is need to ensure that all four arms of government, and other stakeholders, coordinate in the ratification and domestication process of the Convention 190.

She said it was sad to note that women work in unconducive environments marred with sexual pressure, a tendency that is increasing day by day, thereby reducing the country’s economic growth.

“Issues of sexual harassment in the work place are common more than we can ever anticipate. Therefore, there is need to have a globally acknowledged legislature that can protect people as they give their services because there is lack of labour protection,” she said.

Representative for ILO, Valentine Beghini, said harassment in places of work is a global challenge that needs to be seriously addressed.

In her remarks Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Aisha Adams, said the Parliamentary Women Caucus will assist with the ratification process once the bill is brought to parliament.

She recognised that it is the duty and responsibility of duty bearers to promote and address issues of sexual harassment by creating a general environment of zero tolerance to violence and harassment in order to facilitate economic growth through productive citizens.

The call to ratify the ILO Convention 190 was agreed upon in 2019 at the 108th ILO general conference, which was aimed at eliminating workplace harassment globally.