Nyassa Air Taxi, Luthando Holdings join in sponsoring Malawi’s first airshow and aviation career day

By Chisomo Phiri

Nyassa Air Taxi and Luthando Holdings have joined other several companies including Puma energy, Malawi air force that are sponsoring Malawi’s first air show and aviation career day by Phantom Aviation scheduled for November 25,2023 at Lilongwe old Airport.

On Thursday, Nyassa Air Taxi unveiled a K9. 5 million sponsorship towards the event while Luthando Holdings pumped in K2 million.

Speaking in an interview with journalists after the sponsorship unveiling in Lilongwe, Nyassa Air Taxi who did not want his name to be mentioned said they chose to support the air show because it aligns with their field of work as well as giving them a platform to interact and inspire children to join the aviation industry.

He said they also hope that the event will help to bring awareness to Malawi’s aviation industry which is in its infancy but still exists regardless of negative impacts.

“There is a lot of work we can do and make sure that more players join the aviation field and we feel our contribution towards this is of a great,”he said.

On the other hand, Luthando Managing Director Handrix Laher said as the company they believe in the Phantom Aviation team and their dedication to organizing such a world-class air show hence the sponsorship.

“We have confidence in their ability to deliver a memorable and successful event, and we are proud to support their efforts.Ultimately, our sponsorship of the Phantom Aviation Air Show is a testament to our passion for aviation, our commitment to excellence, and our belief in the power of events like these to bring people together and inspire the future of aviation,”he said.

He added:” We believe in harnessing the potential of transport innovation to improve lives, create opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of our nation. “

The Managing Director,revealed that their company is doing a number of things that are contributing towards Malawi’s economic growth such as empowering local communities by supporting them in terms of job creation through distribution and maintenance networks,safety and education where they are committed to promote safe riding practices and educating riders on road safety,and affordable mobility as they provide affordable and reliable motorcycles to a wide range of individuals, public and private sectors, especially the youth who often need affordable and efficient transport options.

In her remarks, Phantom Aviation representative Lusekelo Mwenifumbo said they have organized the air show with an aim of raising awareness in their field most especially to the students wanting to pursue careers in aviation and are willing to gain more information for their career paths.

Mwenifumbo disclosed that most air operators in the country will bring their aircrafts and drones at the event

“We aim at bringing together the transport industry and get the conversation started on the future of the transport sector in this country and its innovations in the health, education, wildlife and agricultural sector,” said Mwenifumbo.

She then hailed the two recent sponsors for their timely donations in the midst of most companies that were approached seemed to rather want to sponsor adult social events as opposed to a project that would broaden most of the nations children’s minds.

“We would like to thank Nyassa Air Taxi for their donation towards our event. They have paid towards securing an aerobatic team that will perform their routine for the air show.

“On the other hand,we thank Luthando Holdings for being first company to sponsor underprivileged children to come to the event as it is a paying event to help pay for costs for the high budget that comes with it. We don’t take it for granted”

“They did not want children who could not afford to miss out on attending something that will imprint a huge shift to their imagination, most importantly something that could be cultivated for years long after the show. They were very passionate and I truly appreciate their professionlism both in their work in the transport sector and compassion towards the gap they identified. Not only will 40 chidlren who can’t afford the ticket be able to attend, they get hearty course meals and transportation on the day. I’m personally excited for these children,”she said.