Onjezani Kenani launches fundraising campaign for music icon Paul Banda’s medical expenses

By Chisomo Phiri

Social Media Influencer Onjezani Kenani has announced the launch of a resource mobilization campaign aimed at sourcing funds meant for safeguarding the welfare of a brother to the late musician Sir Soldier Lucius Banda,Paul, who has been battling with kidney problems, something which requires him to be on dialysis machine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, regularly.

Writing on his Facebook page, Kenani says he observed that the death of Lucius Banda, has left Paul, veteran musician, in a tough situation, saying he was his only pillar he could lean on.

Paul Banda

“This is exactly what has happened in the life of veteran musician, Paul Banda. Last week, we buried his younger brother, Lucius, the singular pillar of his support,” wrote Kenani.

According to Kenani, the funds are expected to be donated to Paul this coming Friday.

He says people have already started making their donations towards the initiative and that the amount is now at over K1. 7 million including K110, 000 donated by him.

Paul Banda is regarded as one of legendary musicians in the country whose musical journey began in the 1970s.