Pemphero Mphande awarded PhD for his charitable works

By Chisomo Phiri

The University of South Africa(UNISA) in Pretoria has awarded an Honorary Doctorate (PhD) in Community Development to philanthropist and social media influencer Pemphero Mphande for his charity work.

In an interview with 247 Malawi News from Pretoria, Mphande said he is honoured with the recognition of his work.

“We have been doing charity work by supporting the less privileged that have seen us raise over K200 million over the years. We have supported over 10 people get life saving treatment abroad, supported over 50 needy students with fees and other needs, we have supported orphans through orphanages and many other people,” he said.

Pemphero Mphande

Mphande said the recognition of his social impact overall include psychosocial support to those who are battling depression and other mental health issues.

The celebrated social media influencer dedicated the recognition to his supporters which he fondly refers to as his ‘praise team’.

“There is no bigger thing one can do than saving human life because human nature thrives on the fact that people can live a happy and comfortable life in a peaceful environment,.

“We as Africans can donate and can make a difference. I am trying to teach people through my page that Malawians can be givers and that is the impact I want to make,” he added.

He therefore, encouraged young people to understand that donors are not always white people.