PIL supports BT Police CCTV initiative

By Senior Business Reporter

Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has supported the initiative by Blantyre Police Station to install CCTV cameras in and around Blantyre City with two 43 inches UDH monitors and power beam transmitters worth K3 million.

Speaking during the handover ceremony on Thursday, PIL’s Finance and Administration Manager, Kambani Mchiela said management felt duty-bound to support the initiative considering increased criminal activity within Blantyre CBD and in various locations around the city.

“The introduction of security cameras acts as both a deterrent and a tool for investigating crime within the city. This will ultimately result in the reduction of crime as well as lead to successful conviction of criminals.”

“We believe that the donation we are making today towards this initiative will contribute to a safer and more secure business environment for our stakeholders, employees, and the public within the city. We believe that a safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for success for any business,” said Mchiela.

Representing Blantyre Police at the event, Superintendent Jackson Silungwe thanked PIL for the timely response which he believes symbolises the great passion the company has for working with the Malawi Police Service in crime and traffic management.

“The donation that we are receiving today, will assist in the monitoring of crime and traffic in the city. Our belief is that by putting up these cameras, robbery cases that were rampant will easily be managed, traffic congestion will easily be monitored and Police will have little challenges in managing crime,” said Silungwe.

Blantyre Police plans to install 50 cameras to help create a safe and secure environment for all the residents and business operators in the city, especially in the crime hotspot areas.