Producer Tapps Bandawe apologizes over Dan Lu’s ‘ Take my body’ video clip

By Chisomo Phiri

One of the country’s renowned music producers Tapiwa ‘Tapps’ Bandawe has come at an open place to apologize to the public for the Dan Lu’s ‘ Take my body’ ( Ndili Ndinyere) video clip which he produced.

The video clip full of obscene language has been receiving bad comments from people saying it is out of Malawi’s culture.

In his facebook post on Tuesday, the legandary music producer said: ” I would like to take this time to address my position on the clip that has been trending of the song I produced for musician Dan Lu.

Tapps and Dan Lu

“The song has brought about a lot of conversation and controversy. Being a seasoned producer and veteran in the music business having produced music that has entertained and uplifted many throughout the years, I would like to stress that in hindsight I should have known better.”

Tapps said the song was not in any way made to offend or to trend negatively but that it was made with the intent to entertain.

“I would like to apologize unreservedly to those it has offended.

“I have no excuses and should have known better.

“I will dedicate myself to doing what I do best, producing music that serves the for the betterment of humanity and Malawian morals as is indeed my role as a senior statesman in this music industry.”

The producer concluded his post by describing the musician Dan Lu who is behind the song as his brother and a wonderfully talented artist who has entertained Malawi with countless uplifting songs such as the iconic anthem Part of Life.

“As a musician, Da Lu is there to express his thoughts into music, as a producer I am there to guide and I must stress in this instance I erred in my duties,” he wrote.