Silver signs Chitipa United goalkeeper ‘Chikooka’ and Civil Service United Striker ‘Katinji’

By Staff Reporter

Silver Strikers have announced the signing  of Chitipa United Goalkeeper, George Chikooka and Civil Service United forward Binwell Katinji.

Chikooka was outstanding during the 2023 season helping his team to finish fourth in the league.

George Chikooka
Binwell Katinji

On the other hand, Katinji scored 11 goals just four goals behind Super League top goal scorer Clement Nyondo.

Both Chikooka and Katinji have signed a 2-year-deal with the Central Bankers.

Katinji first joined Silver Strikers in 2016 but left in 2018 when he joined Malanti Chiefs in Eswatini and later returned home to play for Civil Service United.