South Africa-based Malawian publishes book

South Africa-based writer Hugo Yusuf Rashid has published a book titled Parables – Unveiling Kingdom Secrets.

Rashid, an entrepreneur and author who is under the mentorship of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, said the book reveals secrets behind Bible parables.

“Since long time ago, God has been speaking to His people in four ways; riddles, dreams, face-to-face and parables. It is for this reason that I decided to write a book shedding light on the secrets of the past, present and future,” Rashid said Thursday.

Rashid said there are issues such as parable of the coin, parable of the vineyard, the sign of Noah, the parable of the old and the new wine and the parable of the net among others.

“There are many Bible parables that are not well understood and hardly interpreted. Parables are emblematic of the past, present and future. I have written this book to shed light on the subject – parables,” he said.

Rashid said he had been looking for something that could speak to what was happening in this present age .

“We have wars, rumours of wars, nations fighting against nations, tribes against tribes, brothers fighting against brothers, earthquakes, floods and all manner of natural disasters. I hope people will be blessed and gain knowledge in the book,” he said.

The book is on Amazon.