The eulogy that captivated the nation, Sean Chilima mourns his hardworking father

By Durell Namasani

Sean Chilima, the late Vice President’s Saulos Chilima son, has described his father as a great role model, leader and a great family man whose legacy will live on.

He said that people’s tributes to and experiences with his father are a testament to the great man the Vice President was.

He highlighted Chilima’s great work ethic, stating that he would start his day early with prayers at an altar in his house, then join the 6:00 am mass at church then exercise before starting his official work.

Sean and Elizabeth Chilima, Children of the late Saulos Chilima

He further praised his father’s dedication to his work saying that he made sure to complete his work.

Above all, Chilima praised the Vice President devotion to his faith.

Dr Ben Chilima, the elder brother of the late Vice President Saulos Chilima expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the challenging rescue efforts, acknowledging the difficult weather conditions and rough terrain.

He also recognised the individuals who used their talents to create poetry and songs as a form of support.

In addition, Dr. Chilima commended all government agencies for their dedicated assistance in repatriating the body of Vice President Chilima.

He emphasised the need for a thorough inquiry into the cause of the plane crash, stressing the importance of transparency for the public.