Thousands attend Zikhale MCP development rally in Nsanje

By Durrell Namasani

If there was any doubt about the ruling MCP party growing popularity in the south , then doubt no further as the recent meeting by MCP officials led by Homeland security minister Dr Ken Zikhale Ngoma drew thousands of people. The Multitude came to hear about the development plans that the Chakwera administration has in store but also to thank the administration for the great job they have done so far.

“my name is Chofunsa Aligidze, i have come with my family to attend this meeting so that i can have opportunity to thank President Chakwera for the great job he is doing as a president” said one of the attendees filled with excitement and hopeful of a more developed Malawi

The development rally took place at Mpatsa CDSS in Nsanje Central. Legislator for the area Kafanikhale Mandevana thanked President Chakwera for not abandoning the Lower Shire and thanked Ken Zikhale for coming to speak to the people in the area.

Ken Zikhale

Senior Chief Chimombo took opportunity to appeal to the government to make sure that the district doesn’t suffer from food shortages

In his Speech , Zikhale, commonly known as Nyamazikuluzikulu assured the people ion the are that President Chakwela is poised to end hunger in the country. Zikhale said the Mega farms that have been at the heart of the current administration will go a long to ensure that there is food security in the country.

Other speakers at the meeting included Uladi Mussa, Kondi Msungama, Enock Chizuzu, Peter Simbi and Abida Mia. There was entertainment that included traditional dances as well as performances by musicians Joseph Mkasa, Gibo Pearson and Slyc

Zikhale and the other MCP officials are also poised to hold another rally in Nsanje North on Sunday May the 26th

Uladi Mussa