Timothy Mtambo, a revolutionary and not a betrayer

By Leonard Kavwenje,

Some politicians in Malawi deliberately chose to fool good Malawians to tarnish the inimitable human rights activism and political face of Comrade Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo.

Instead of choosing the bright colour of preaching political and economic hope for Malawians, they maliciously opt to destroy Mtambo, spreading lies like blue band margarine on bread that Comrade Mtambo betrayed Malawians.

Uncivilised social media users are harshly abused to perpetuate all sorts of antagonism to leach down like essential plant nutrients the power and serum of the electoral struggle and the good governance quest Comrade Mtambo civically executed.

Well-reasoning Malawians, today, must repent and believe that light is better than darkness.

The truth is, Mtambo under the Human Rights Defenders’ Coalition (HRDC) led anti-government protests not social resistances to pave a consolidated judicial highway for electoral justice and accountability. The point is clear, Mtambo never opposed the so called 2019 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) victory but he led Malawians to know how the Malawi Electoral Commission came up with such a result. As simple as that.

It is nosense of highest exaltation to be faking stories just to manipulate Malawians to start believing that Mtambo betrayed the nation just because the Chakwera-led administration is passing through natural disasters, pandemics and global wars. Is Mtambo the one causing all this? If not, then how did he betray Malawians? By not fighting a government he himself supported to be in power? Hahaha! In Malawi, we joke a lot.

Which sections in our republic constitution illuminate that activists shall not be allowed to join frontline politics and accept political positions such as ministerial ones? Orton Chirwa, Kanyama Chiume, Chakufwa Chihana and many others had activism genesis but ended up forming government and holding public offices. What’s wrong with Mtambo? Was it a sin to accept the ministerial appointment?

It is high time Malawians started questioning themselves if Mtambo’s resignation from a well-paying job at the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) to freely join suffering Malawians campaigning for a new dawn of democratic mileage is betrayal. Mtambo suffered a lot of assassination attempts. Today, someone comes and lies that Mtambo betrayed Malawians.

Mtambo did not betray any Malawian. What he simply organised were the series of demonstrations in good faith to institute electoral justice and accountability. The rest is sound effects…